About SIB OpenFlu database

OpenFluDB, a database for human and animal influenza virus

The OpenFlu database (OpenFluDB) is part of a collaborative effort to share observations on the evolution of Influenza virus in both animals and humans. It contains genomic and protein sequences as well as epidemiological data from more than 25'000 isolates.
The isolate annotations include:

  1. virus type, subtype and lineage
  2. host
  3. geographical location
  4. experimentally tested antiviral resistance

Protein sequences are automatically derived from nucleotide sequences. From these, putative enhanced pathogenicity and human adaptation propensity are computed.

Each virus isolate can be associated with the laboratories that collected, sequenced and submitted it.

Several analysis tools are available and enable rapid and efficient mining.

  1. multiple sequence alignment (MUSCLE)
  2. phylogenetic analysis
  3. sequence similarity maps

The OpenFluDB contents is supplied by direct user submission as well as by a daily automatic procedure importing data from public repositories (GenBank). Additionally, a simple mechanism facilitates the export of OpenFluDB records to GenBank.